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A Global Long Day.

Calling a day a “Long Day” is about the same as calling it a “Bad Day”. While it’s not always so, this evening I was looking back on something I had done a while ago - and realized I had done it this morning! Today “Bad” and “Long” went together. Bad days seem to have struck many other of people as well. Here’s the quick run down of what happend today.

  • A bug in one of quicky programs wiped out the database, loosing a bunch of data. Real blow to the Ego. ( First mistake like this I have ever made - and last I hope.)
  • Early this morning, while working at family business, I noticed that the aluminum I was working with, was acting weird. Kind soft like silly putty. I called my dad over, and we checked it. Way below hardness specs, and we had had to throw out about two thirds of the material. That extruding plant that made the stuff has some quality problems.
  • [Shelley] Power’s interview
  • And there was somthing else too. But it’s been too long of a day to remember it.  :)

I wonder, do “Bad Days” jump on the whole human race at the same time?