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Andrew Goes Racing

Satuday, little brother Andrew tried his hand at racing his E-Maxx.

He crashed out horribly on every other turn, the first time he was on the track. The second time was slightly better, the third time he pulled into third place on the first lap, and then his car died, and he was out for the rest of the day.

Andrew has a deep seated, subconsious belief that in order to exceed others, and achieve mastery, he must not do things the way others do them. But the potentially frustrating part in watching him learn something new, is that he will not do things the way others do them utill he has tried almost possible alternative. I just had to stay out of his way and let him learn. With time he almost certainly will go on to be the track champion for his class of cars - but he is going to get there his way and nothing you can say will sway him from doing things “his style”.

Andrew is great brother. I’m in awe of many of his skills.