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Another French Prison Break

Yet another escape from a French prison, yesterday by helicopter. These are starting to get almost monotonous.

No shots were fired and no one was hurt during the escape, an official at the UFAP prison guards’ union told Reuters.

Odd, especially when you read that “The whole operation lasted less than two minutes, the ministry added.” Plenty of time. And the guy who “abseiled from the helicopter to cut through a security net” was surely a quite target.

I really like their solution too.

The breakout at Luynes prison near Aix-en-Provence was the latest in a series of escapes from French prisons, which have prompted Justice Minister Dominique Perben to order swifter rotation between jails of the country’s most dangerous convicts.

That means that each prisoner gets a chance to get into the weakest prison for his getaway.

When this common helicopter stunt was tried in the US back in 1988, the helicopter was forced down, and the bad guys were captured.