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Bad Gentoo With Apache and PHP

Gentoo has just pulled a monumentally stupid trick on me. There I was installing mod_log_sql on my webserver. After adding the proper settings to my apache conf file, I ran apachectrl graceful to restart the server with the new settings. Apache restarted fine, but when I checked a site ALL MY PHP CODE WAS SHOWING IN THE CLEAR. Naturally this kicked in panic mode. I brought down the server, took out the config lines I had added, and started it back up again. The PHP pages were still not running, and everything was open to public view. An hour of worrying debugging later while begin to run way late for an event I was supposed to be at, I found the problem. If you run the apachectrl - that gentoo installs for you - it will start up apache without php. In order for things to work, you must use /etc/init.d/apache start.