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Being Philosophical

<p>In &#8220;<a href="http://www.anycities.com/user/conrad/english/grozny_eng.htm">Grozny. A Few Days&#8230;</a>&#8221; a man tells of living through the increasing evil in Chechnya during early nineties. One bit of homespun philosophy:</p>
Of course, not all the population suffered from malnutrition like our family. We were simply unlucky. As for my mother-in-law’s neighbors, it was hard to believe that the power had changed. They used to have a fully stuffed fridge with sausages, meat, bacon and caviar. Probably, I would have been in a clover if my mother-in-law were a jewelry store owner. But then I would have been unlucky with my wife, because one cannot have all the luck of the world. Well, it’s better to have a good wife, all the troubles can be overcome together.