Daniel Von Fange

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<p>A friend and I went out tonight for some bowling. I&#8217;d never experienced the rolling of a ball into pins before.  Alternating between experimenting and trying my best, I was at least having fun. I was recollecting things that I have heard about target shooting, and trying to apply them. Halfway through the last game, I actually got the hang of it, and my scores abruptly turned upwards. I managed to beat my more experienced friend &#8211; though he had a bad game that time.</p>

<p>All the equipment in the building was from the eights. I felt I should be writing COBAL or assembler. </p>

<p>What did I apply?</p>

    <li>Consistency &#8211; I put my feet in the exact same place for every starting shot.</li>
    <li>Coolness &#8211; Never got mad when I missed, just calmly regarded it as an opportunity to learn what not to do.</li>

<p>What did learn?</p>

    <li>Matched my pace to the swing of the ball &#8211; I tried to swing the ball to my footsteps and messed up horribly every time.</li>
    <li>Set the ball gently on the lane &#8211; As opposed to throwing it up and hearing it smack.</li>
    <li>Don&#8217;t try to aim when releasing the ball &#8211; At that point it is too late; You have already swung the ball and set it on it&#8217;s path.</li>

<p>After playing, tonight I find myself doing everything smoothly. Even the tapping of keys on my keyboard. </p>

<p>(Now are you bored? I promise I&#8217;ll get back to talking about scripting/Macy/Unixy things soon. )</p>