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Colonel John Boyd

I’ve picked up a trail of Colonel John Boyd. His ideas on military victory sound good, but finding the his real thoughts on the web is tough work, hidden as it is behind a cloud of journalists who don’t know what they are talking about, and lauding friends who tell you how important his ideas are without telling you what they were. Here are the best of the links I have been able to find.

The Strategy of the Fighter Pilot - A Fast Company article, my orignal introduction to Boyd’s ideas.

The Essential Boyd - One of the best overviews I have found. Written by a man who went on to write, The Mind of War (Amazon), a book covering Boyd’s ideas.

The Fighter Pilot - A short article on the life of Boyd, written by the man who wrote an apparently over idolizing book on Boyd’s life, Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War (Amazon).

Genghis John - A freind’s biography of him.

Tribute to Boyd - A contractor’s remembrance of Boyd’s involvement with fighters.

ParaPundit on Boyd - Collection of random snippets and links.

D-N-I.net - Site by some of Boyd’s associates. The PDF presentations available for download are Boyd’s only real writings available.