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Computer Names

Stevenf wonders what kinds of names people give to their computers. Hanging around under my old desk are:

  • Sneezy - A duel 500mhz PIII, from back when that was was a screaming fast machine. It never liked to shutdown, and whould hang every time I tried.
  • Sleepy - A second hand 500mhz Compaq Athlon, picked up when it’s hard drive died on my younger brother, and he felt the urge to upgrade. Used for playing games on.
  • Doc - The office file sharing computer, with a raid inside. I almost never have to mess with it.
  • Happy - My first real Linux computer. A 400mhz PII office cast off, it serves as NAT for our home network, and used to be used as a web sever.
  • Dopey - Some gave us this computer. It has Bios problems, runs at an incredible 33mhz, and just runs fine as a router under Linux.
  • Magnus - The FreeBSD webserver. Identical twin of Sleepy. Used to belong to Dad, until it’s HD died, and Dad upgraded. My first *nix computer that had a reasonable CPU.

The Mac’s don’t really have names, which actually turns out to be a compliment. I don’t think of them of having their own personalities - they are extensions of me. People that name their fingers or eyes are pretty rare. It’s usually just “my fingers”, or “my eyes”. If I’m talking about one of the Macs, I’ll say “MY PowerBook”.