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Dashboard Out.

I get strongly annoyed driving the speed limit. When the road is open, and the sky is bright, it calls for driving at a speed safe for conditions, not a bureaucrats idea of a safe speed for worst case conditions. But I drive the speed limit anyway.

Coming home from JAARS yesterday, I hit a pothole. My dashboard died. Every gauge went all the way over to zero. I continued my way home, and noticed about fifteen minutes into the drive that I was feeling strangely joyous. After few minutes of thinking I figured out the reason.

You see, while I am driving I take short, almost subconscious, looks at the speedometer. If it is at or above the speed limit I am sad. If it is below the speed limit I am happy, since I could drive faster if I wanted too.

Without my conscious mind noticing, I was checking my dead speedometer, and coming up happy every time.