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Desktop Browser Wars

I had a shoot off yesterday to see which browser I’m going to be using for the next few months. The three contenders were Mozilla, Phoenix, and Chimera. I did not test Opera, IE, or Netscape 7, since I had tried them before and was not happy with how they worked on OS X.

Chimera is gorgeous. Unfortunately it’s missing one feature that I just can’t live without - keywords for bookmarks. I have most of my bookmarks with these keywords set, and they are a part of my fingers now. I can’t just give them up! :)

Phoenix is going to rule the PC world very soon. Unfortunately it’s not ready to run on Mac OS X - I tried a version someone had ported to the MAC. Unfortunately the port had a few bugs and could not become my day to day browser, but even so it made me wish I could use it. It’s fast, snappy, clean, and fun. Today, I had someone ask me if I had tried out Phoenix yet. The last time someone asked me something like that, it was several years ago about an almost unknown search engine called Google. Today I installed and am now using Phoenix as my standard browser on the Windows computers.

Mozilla is what I have been using for the past few months, and it looks like it gets to keep it’s spot as the browser that others are measured by. Day in and day out, I use it and works. The tabs are done right, and being able to quickly jump to my sites with a quick taps on the keyboard via the keywords for bookmarks also pays off.