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Everybody Loves Free Speach - NOT

<p>On the internet, you tend to subconsciously assume that all individuals are in favor of free speech. I&#8217;ve just had a little bit of a wake-up call. Russian blogger <a href="http://journals.aol.com/greycardinal/TodaysRussia/entries/856">Greycardinal writes</a> on the placing of a Russian newsman under virtual house arrest.</p>

    <p>I had to LMAO when I read this. Traitor Babitsky then whiner Politkovskaya and now the ever maliciously insinuating Yuri Bagrov. </p>

    <p>I mean lets tell truth here-why they would even think this could be a direct or indirect result of their work if they were not already aware that they were guilty of being less then honest in their writings?</p>