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I was quoted on the web today for the first time ever, as two squad leaders discuss building a squad. Now I just have to get back to being humble again.

Luminaire 5: “During the second world war, Gen. Bradley said, “Leadership is ninety percent character.” A squad leader for a great team must have two attributes - you must take responsibility and have integrity. To put it bluntly, responsibility means you don’t blame anyone, ever. If someone your squad messes up, it is your fault for not training them properly, or not taking them out of the squad. If your squad loses a match, it’s not the enemy’s fault for doing something lame - it’s just your squad is not to their level yet, and there are things you can learn from it. If you are blaming you aren’t learning or fixing. Integrity just means that you say what you do, and do what you say.” Joey Sondgeroth: Exactly Luminaire 5: This is all Brains, by the way