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Family War Driving

It was dentist time today, and when six of us go to the dentist, it takes all afternoon. I grabbed the Powerbook on the way out - Elizabeth had an old Disney Movie on DVD that she thought I would enjoy watching while waiting. About half way to the dentist, I suddenly thought “Hey! This is a great chance to see if I can find any wireless networks.” So I pulled the TiBook out, flipped it open, and started MacStumbler. Within five seconds the computer made a little sound. We found a network! That was unexpectedly soon. A half a second later it disappeared, a natural consequence of traveling 55 miles per hour. Two minutes later we spotted another one. This was beginning to be fun. On the rest of the way there we drove by five more networks.

On a different part of the way home, we were watching for them again - and finding them. The little monotone mac voice would proudly announce, “NEW ACCESS POINT FOUND. LINKSYS.”. Then we would all try to guess what building it was coming from. Dad was having fun too, and suggested we drive down into a nearby subdivision to see how many we would find. So we did! Four more wireless access points were discovered, (I had guessed that we would find only two there). Great fun for the whole family. ::Grin::