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Four Wheeling

“You want to go four wheeling?, I’m taking the Land Rover in to have it waxed tonight. I want to get it dirty first.” John said. “You can drive the Green Truck, and we will pull each other out when we get stuck.”

“I’ve got a headache. I don’t really feel like going today.” I replied

“So what, you had a headache yesterday.”

“Yeah, I have had a head ache for the last two weeks. I don’t really feel adventurous.”

“I’m gonna go drive then. I’m taking my cell phone.”

“See ya.”

20 minutes later, RINGGGG! I’d been waiting for it.

“Hey,” I say, picking up my phone.

“Hi,” says John.

“What’s up?”

“Well…. I stuck the rover.”


“I need you to bring the Green Truck over and pull me out.”

He tells me where he is, and we finish the call. After putting on some shoes, I head off to the Green Truck. It’s gonna be an adventure after all.

Now some cars are mindless beings. They get you from point A to point B in comfort. You never have to take into consideration what the vehicle thinks about things. The green truck is not that way. It’s more of a living being, with a entire mind of it’s own. I’ve never driven the green truck more than five feet before, and now I have to get it up and going. (This is only my fourth day driving a car solo.)

So after saying a prayer, I head out. John meets me at the head of the trail, and drives the truck through some good mud spots, to a very stuck Land Rover.

After hitching up some cables, and I helped pulled him out. I got to follow him out, and got my first taste of driving through muck, as we went on out up the trail. I learned that speed is your friend. You can try to crawl through a mud spot, but you will sink. For success, pick the best route, and get up speed before you hit the mud. I did not get stuck!

John went off looking for more mud as I left and went back home. A while later I got that snack-time feeling, and walked over to the house. I saw Mom walking between buildings as I approached.

“We are going to pick up John. He tipped the Land Rover. Want to come?” Mom said. Ouch! But Mom did not seem concerned. Turns out I had miss heard. John took the Land Rover to his friend the car washer, not tipped it. Phew.