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Life at Sea

I’m adjusted to living on the Constallation at last. I usualy get up about two hours before the rest of the family and then over the course of breakfast make about seven more aquintances. I grab a book or occasionaly my laptop and head down to the ship’s library for an hour of reading or programming Grobots. Next I move up to one of the ship’s lobbys to listen to an hour of harp playing, while I read or code, then back to down to the library for more reading or coding. After lunch, I may check and reply to my emails, read the latest tech news at scripting.com. I hang out for a little bit with a older man who teaching Sextant classes to passengers in trade for free travel. After sucking up some navigational learning, it’s back to reading or code, until supper with the whole family.

When the last bit of chocolate desert is polished off, it’s time for about two more hours of reading or coding in the library. Often Bosco, the Indian librabian who knows no fear of stangers, will start a converstion with a passenger or two, and then we will have a sparkling little salon in the libraby for the rest of the evening. Around ten pm, it’s back to the room for an email check followed by sleep. Pretty close to the perfect vacation for my tastes.