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New Customer, Simple Site

Today I did the simplest, smallest website I have ever done in my life. Only five pages, pure HTML, layout done with tables, no PHP, no database, no nothing - and only one line of CSS. I even forced myself to use Dreamweaver instead of coding by hand. The customer wanted a site that he could update with Front Page, he repeatedly talked about how much he liked simplicity, and he did not want something expensive. Thus, my quest for a fast design time, and use of only HTML. All in all it came out looking very well for a few hours work.

I’ve been debating weather to put a little “Site Design by…” at the bottom of the pages. On one hand it might get me more business. On the other hand business gotten by word of mouth is so much better than from customers that have been “advertised in”. Also it might mar the appearance of the site - I mean his customers are not looking for website design, they are looking for information about his company. So I’ll probably leave it off…

Now I have to think of some way to wow him by putting something extra into it, before I call him up to tell him the design is done. One wowed customer turns many new customers down the road as the word gets around. Besides, it’s fun to wow people.