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New Workspace


At long last I’ve move my desk out of the attic into a civilized room with true climate control, a big window, and non-distracting surroundings. I’m so much more productive this morning than I have been in the last weeks. Crawling through fireberglass insolation to run the network was definitely worth it.

I’ve started a new time scheduling for myself as well. I get a big glass of water, decide on the project I will be working on, start up iTunes with an hours woth of music selected, then code away. I ignore the frantic desires to check my email, read the latest news, check the forums I read, or anything else except instant messages from friends (I can code and chat at the same time, and enjoy doing so). When the music stops, I stop concentrating. I reply to any accumulated email, check NetNewsWire, and do whatever I’d like to do. Then back for another round. So far this system has been working great. I don’t get bleary code eyes, nor do I waste a morning reading news and hoping for more news to show up.