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OS for 2005

My dream list for my future computing environment.

h3. Application Free Data

My data is my data. It does not belong to a particular application. It belongs to me! I should be able to pick and painlessly, instantly swich among a varity of tools to access my information.

h3. Location Free Data

My data is my data. Just because I pull my laptop out of it case, should not mean that suddenly I cannot access my stuff.

h3. Identities

I am one person, but I wear different “hats”. Right now I have two main identities. The Daniel That Codes-For-Hire and The Daniel That Lives in South Carolina. Data should belong to an identity, and be able to be shared with other identities. I should be able to share the data that belongs to The-Daniel-That-Codes-For-Hire-For-Customer-X with The-Customer-X-That-Runs-X-Web-Design-Company. Any time I should be able to focus in on the documents, message, and stuff that belong to one identity, or push it completly to the background. At five o’clock I just tell the webdeisgn side of me to go away.