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Well, I just accidently erased my whole blog! Teach me not to back things up before playing with new software. :)

Anyway, here was chain of events.
* Upgraged to blaap v3
* Put in the rsync info into blapp. (I had been using my own script to rsync previously.)
* Pressed publish.
* Looking at my site, I see duplicate copies of every post on my blog.
* I figure I’ll erase the public site and republish to clear things up.
* ssh to webserver. rm -rf on blog directory
* Press publish.
* Everything gone on both the webserver, and on my computer!
* ::crys::

Fortunatly I had only been blogging for about four days, so It’s not like I lost a year’s worth of work. But do take a lesson, guys, and back your blogs up! :)