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Poor Elizabeth

My sister’s evening began well. The digital camera that she paid-her-very-own-money-for arrived after several days of constantly watching the UPS tracking page for the package. She was in bliss. The camera looked beautiful. Elizabeth ran around snapping pictures of everyone. She pulled out her glistening iBook, “Eowyn”, plugged the USB cable in, and tried to see the photos. Nothing worked! I went over and searched the web for info on her camera, lo and behold I found Logitech deliberately did not include Mac drivers, and would not allow their distribution. Here favorite camera would not work with her favorite computer. Elizabeth ran up to her room and had to cry for a while.

Later on the geeky side of her resurfaced, and she started working out long, convoluted ways to get the pictures off. By supper, she had succeeded in at least getting her pictures off.