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I programed my first bits of Python this week (because I needed to use Mark’s ultra-liberal feed parser ) Initial impressions are that ruby is still the slickest language I’ve used, but python has it’s slick points.

I really, really like Python’s use of indentation to define nested structures. This really appeals to the lazy side of me, and it complies with the Pragmatic Programmer’s principle - “Don’t Repeat Yourself”. Pythons goodness on nests is sharply contrasted with the ASP junk I’ve be working in this week. In ASP if you say “If” you must say “End If”. If you don’t ASP will kindly say “missing expected if”. If it’s obvious to the complier where something should go, don’t make me put it there manually!

Though I’ve not ran down the ramifications of this yet, Python’s way of taking every file you include and turning it into a module seems quite elegant. It did take me about a half a second to figure what was going on though. :)