Daniel Von Fange

Life, Code, and Cool Stuff


My parents got a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner. (Within 20 minutes of turning it on, my mom has begun talking to it. )

We have Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. There are only a couple thousand of the breed in the USA. It’s a very friendly, tight-knit group of dog owners. My brother and I have spent the night at someone’s house in Florida based on the fact that our dog was related to their dog.

The family of one of our dog’s brothers purchased a Roomba and loved it. During conversations with the breeder, the breeder heard about the Roomba and purchased one. Our dog’s breeder would be know as a super-node in network speak. In addtion to having a many dog owners that she communicates with, she helps organize events and knows most of the swissy breeders in the USA. Word of the cool Roomba spread like wildfire. I have heard from my brother that over thirty swissy people have bought one so far.