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<p>I&#8217;m back from my second time skiing. This time instead of just a quick few hours, I was skiing for three days. I improved my skills quite a bit, and almost broke my snowplow habits.</p>

<p><img src="http://www.braino.org/blog/images/16-1.jpg" height="210" width="340" alt="slopes" /></p>

<p>Weather.com has a handy <a href="http://www.weather.com/outlook/recreation/ski/weather/tenday/304001">Ski Comfort Index</a> that ranks the day&#8217;s weather on a scale of 0-10. The first day skiing it was a &#8220;1&#8221;. Skiing on ice through falling sleet did not bother me as much as I thought it would &#8211; it made me feel stupidly proud that I &#8220;could take it&#8221;.</p>

<p>The second day, it began to snow. You could get a quarter of an inch of snow covering your body just riding the chair lift to the top of the mountain.</p>

<p><img src="http://www.braino.org/blog/images/23.jpg" height="210" width="340" alt="night" /></p>

<p>After the day&#8217;s skiing was done, hanging out with friends for the evening was wonderful too. I usualy don&#8217;t get to socialize nearly as much as I would like to, so this was refreshing.</p>