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The Huks

John Robb writes that “The fact is that no major conventional power has ever won a LIC[low intensity conflict] in the last 50 years.”

Of the top of my head I remember the Huks. In Philippines in the mid 1940’s to mid 1950’s the communist Huks were on the verge of controlling the Philippines. The insurrection begun with a combination of the disillusion of the newly freed Filipinos with their new government and power hungry communist gorillas. Two brilliant men, one US, and one Filipino almost “single handily” ended it over several years. [Update: Maybe this does example does not count as a major power war, although the us was supporting the Philippines.;)]

It’s a fascinating tale - here’s a full book on the Hukbalahap Insurrection.

Update: The ”Malay Emergency” was a bloody 13 year “low intensity conflict” won by the British. It pretty soundly counts. :)