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The King of Internet, and a Mystery.

My dad’s cousin, Paul Von Fange sends out a newsletter with the latest updates on the Von Fange family genealogy, and with stories from our past. To my surprise I found myself mentioned in this one (December of 2003).

So which Von Fanges are populating the Internet? I found 23 Tom Von Fanges, due to his furniture business site on the Internet. I (Paul) pulled in 33 references due to the family web site. My dad Erich, because of the publication and information on his pre-history books, comes in at 163 references. But the king of the family Internet users has to be my little cousin, once removed, Daniel Von Fange who garners an incredible 3,150 hits. That young man is up to something!

And, somehow, he found my webserver’s home page and looking at it from a historical and genealogical point of view, was mystified.


Here’s an interesting graphic from a site about which I know nothing: http://wallace.vonfange.net/index. What you see is the only page at this web site and we have no Wallace Von Fange in our records. The page reads, “An official server of the Von Fange Empire.” If anyone can reveal the location of this kingdom or anything about the site, let me know.