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The Vatican, Itay

So far, the Vatican security has the keenest x-ray crew in Europe - they found two of our three Leatherman Wave pocket tools (nobody else has even found one). We had no idea that it would be like trying to get aboard an aircraft to enter the Vatican. John had to check in his mighty pack before we could continue with the tour.

We went through just three of the galleries of the Vatican Mueseam. Greek and Roman statutes, followed by tapastries, followed by favorite of all - wall sized map paintings. The galleries were sumptious beyond description, and my eyes could not take in all the details. The tapasty makers of that time period had a taste for bloody knives and gore. It’s a rare tapastry without a few of each.

The Sistine Chaple was so far above my expectations. Photographs cannot even come close to showing the shear size of the paintings, and the intense detail in each little part. Like the Grand Canyon, when you see it, there is no need to tell you that is a wonder of the world.

As I entered Saint Peters Catherdral, I was again in awe at the size of the thing, the magnificence, and yet the detail in every part. It’s HUGE! I knew that the dome was big, but in truth, the dome is just a little part of the whole thing. The funniest thing I saw is little gold stars in the floor showing the size of all of the catherdals in the world. Naturly, all of them fit inside Saint Peter’s. Hehe, I bet that “It is strictly forbben to” build a bigger cathedral.

The whole point of the Vatican Museams and churchs seems to be a shouting out of power, of in internet gaming lingo, “ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US…. You are teh pwned!” Its as if they say that kings bow to us, and bring their treasures here….