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Thoughts on iChat AV

My younger sister and I played with iChat AV tonight. My thoughts:

  • This cool.
  • I need a way to save the audio or video feed. I prefer using AIM for business conversations over telephone because I can go back and see what I really said, or what they really wanted.
  • Being able to dump a video feed to disk, or rebroadcast it, means suddenly we can have ad-hoc live “home video” news broadcasts. Quicktime broadcaster is just plain a pain to hard to use. iChat would knok it’s socks off.
  • Microsoft had it right with threeDegrees. After about five minutes of chatting with my sister between the two houses, we started playing music to each other. I suppose this is not some thing that should be in iChat, but somebody needs to make some little shared space program.
  • The other major use of broadband video is not conversations. It’s presence. It would be so cool to be able to have thumbnail sized live video feeds of your closest acquaintances. Just parked down in the dock. No need for audio. Just the ability to feel they are there. You can see their moods. It’s like working in the same room with your friends.