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Back from our marthon bus tour, and feel pretty sleeply. I’ve still not recovered from missing a night of sleep abord the plane. Oh well.

First we drove through the narrow streets of Villefrance, and then after being told that “Pill Geats” had built a house here, we went over the hill into Nice. After driving down the main promanade, the bus pulled over, and our family had an hour to wander around Nice. To get an idea of the insides of Nice, think of an older, crowded shoping mall - with occasional cars driving through the people. We rambled through some back alleys into the grafiti coated residedintial area (with people popping their heads of windows above our heads to watch us go by).

From Nice we rode up to a small medival vilage, Eze, pearched on a mountain. It was beautif, in a rugged mediterain way, but it felt just like Bush Gardens, since everyone you saw were tourests! After a scrumcious lunch, we moved on to Monaco.

Monaco was much more like a US city. The roads were the right size, and so were the cars. After a quick tour around the outside of the Casio, andrew and I went car hunting. We spotted four Ferraris and one Lamborghini in the forty minutes that we spent tracing the route of the Monte Carlo race. We spotted other young people car hunting as well.

Ferraris are incredably popular in Monte Carlo. Half of every little gift store and suvenier shop is devoted to them, and they may have a selection of over thirty shirts just with Ferrari on them!