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Touchstream Day One

Well, here is the quick review of my new Touchsteam SP ( not the iGuesturePad Salva was wondering about). I have had it less than a day now. so I might be more used to it later after the recommended weeks of getting familiar with it.

Gestures are great. Has to be my favorite feature. A swipe across and the window closes. A different swipe and and a new document opens. It’s like having Opera powers everywhere. The paste gesture is a work of art.

Mousing is not so hot. I feel like I have less control than with a normal mouse. I could be just not used to it yet (In fact. while typing this, I found a better way to mouse).

Keyboard is different. I decided to learn touch typing yesterday, and so I am very slow. I think with time I’ll like this keyboard. Right now I can’t keep up with a AIM conversation.