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Touring Marseille on Foot

The family went out and took a walk through town taking pictures as we went. We traveled very slowy as Mom would stop to take a photo of a building, then decide she needed to move about 30 feet behind to get a better shot.

Marseille is so different than other citys I’ve been in. For one thing, the old and the new are cramed in together. In the corner of a cenuries old building, you will see a modern bank, while above it will be laundry hanging out of a resident’s window. The cars are runt sized - an alley that in the United States would be just squeezable through, here serves as a street plus parking. Dogs are everywhere, most of whom are not on leash but just happily following their owners.

Now that I’ve had lunch, we will be heading out, Lord willing, in a half an hour for a bus tour of the city.