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Voting for Bush

So who am I voting for?

While Bush definitely not perfect, and I disagree with his “big government” approach to domestic issues, I think Kerry would spend even more than Bush. As far as overseas war issues are concerned, it’s pretty much no contest. Kerry will chicken out if the going gets tough, and both world leaders and terrorist know this. Bush has followed a consistent plan, which while not perfect has a good chance of working.

Come elections, I’m voting for Bush. This scrappleface article pretty much sums up my opinion of Kerry:

“He’s a profoundly moral man, yet a man who never lets his morality dictate his policies. Like John F. Kennedy, Mr. Kerry won’t be a Roman Catholic president, he’ll be a president who says that he’s a Roman Catholic.” “Perhaps the most impressive feature of Mr. Kerry’s campaign can be encapsulated in a single sentence: ‘I have a plan.’ With that uncharacteristically succinct quartet of monosyllabic words, he has captured the imagination of the nation in a fashion reminiscent of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” … “For all these crises and more, Mr. Kerry has a plan. We know that it’s a great plan, because he can’t tell us what it is until he sits in the Oval Office. It’s a very presidential plan. It’s not a mere legislative plan, otherwise Mr. Kerry would have introduced it as a bill during his 19 years in the senate. No, this plan is something grand, something majestic, something unexpected, mysterious and special.”

Anyway. :)