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Winter, Part 3

Forbes.com: Duke says storm cuts power to 1.2 mln in Carolinas

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Duke Power said about 1.2 million Carolina customers, over half of its customers, were without power early Thursday after an ice storm downed lines in what Duke called the worst weather damage in its history. The number of outages was expected to rise as accumulating ice continued to bring weigh down power lines and tree limbs, Duke Power said in a statement. “This ice storm surpasses the damage from Hurricane Hugo in 1989, which had 696,000 outages,” the company said. Duke Power is a subsidiary of Duke Energy Corp. . The company, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, has about 2.1 million electricity customers in North and South Carolina.

We got off with only four hours of no T1 while both phones and power stayed on for the most part.