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Around the Radio, as Bush Says 48 Hours

Last night my brother called the family up, “Hey Dad, Bush just said 48 hours to go.” We turned the radio on and listened to the rest of the speech in silence as we all sat around the living room. The scene was eerily reminiscent of the old photo of the family gathered around radio listening to the declaration of war on Japan.

Since neither Bush nor Hussein are likely to back down, it’s probably war this week. Pray for our troops. :)

I’s fun to pretend to be wise and attempt to predict the future, here goes a prediction. Hussein will attack first. Why? It’s to both nation’s advantage. Saddam is going to loose anyway, may as well do as much damage as he can, and first strikes have often worked in the middle east. It’s to Bush’s advantage, because if you can get the other side to fire the first shot it is a major PR win internationally and at home. (Think Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War Two. Though the enemy fired the first shots the US Gov pretty much put the enemy into a place where it was the enemy’s best option)