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After a long period of hosting here at the bussiness, we have decided to lose the T1 and go with a far, far, cheaper DSL. The server and websites will move to a colocation facility. My job to day was to pick a new home for the server.

My first check was with peer1, the same folks that host joelonsoftware.com. But there were no prices there and I got this expensive smell. I really wanted to have the server nearby, so I went googleing through everyone offering, “colocation charlotte”, and turned up two possible places.

First stop was Charlotte Collocation. Their prices were reasonable, but the web site looked a bit unprofessional. I gave them a call and arranged for a facilities tour later on in the day. (I wanted to see if they actualy had a building. :P)

Second stop was Peak10. I let the saleman I was transfered to know exactly what I was looking for, and asked for a price. “Well how much are you willing to pay?” he asked. Sheeesh! I gave him the other facilities prices, and said they sounded good to me. He said he would email me a quote. When I recieved it, the quote was much more than double the other, and then plus a heafty setup fee.

In the afternoon I drove over to Charlotte Collocation. In spite of their poor website, they have a good facility and great people. So, the new servers will going to Charlotte Collocation. We will see how they turn out.