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I’ve been saving random little snippets as I surfed, that I thought funny.

Posted by John Dough at March 17, 2003 02:01 PM I would just like to say that when the comments start vectoring off into serious thoughtful discussion, they get boring.
David S. Miller And finally, as the person who has to maintain this list and deal with the daily bounce pool this list generates every day, I declare it as ontopic so :-P~~
Dave Hyatt Most people are proud if they can recite the 50 states in alphabetical order; I can do the same thing, but with CSS properties.

(Do you know how dumb it is to light a cigarette at night in a war zone? It blinds your own vision, and hangs a neon “shoot me” sign on you that is visible for miles.)

At the edge of the autonomous zone, armed Kurdish militiamen manned a checkpoint on a muddy hillside under sporadic rain. The only lights were the tips of their cigarettes. CNN

(Hehe, a entire division has only had to kill one tank? And this makes it into the news?)

The US 1st Marine Division entered Iraq at about 2100 local time (1800 GMT), encountering some resistance from Iraqi troops. They are reported to have destroyed an Iraqi T-55 tank.

“Non-Violent” “Peace” Protester, explaining why it is a good thing to burn cars to protest against us “Violently Attacking Iraq”

But hell, it does no good to vote, they just steal the election. Violence is the only thing they understand.