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Car Crash

Comming home from Miami, we had to rent two vehicles, since no 15 passenger vans were available. John, Andrew, and I took took one, the rest drove the other. Morning turned into afternoon, afternoon to night as we drove the twelve hour trip home. Suddenly the interstate slowed to a crawl. John leaned out the window, and said that it look like a car wreck, but there were no emergancy vehicles there yet.

Traffic inched on past site of the wreck, and we got a view of the sceen. A car had crossed the median and head on colliaded with another going the other way. Speeds on this piece of interstate vary between 70-80mph, so a frontal smash between two cars going that speed was not pretty. One car’s occupants were our and walking around in a sort of daze, while the driver and passenger of the other were still pinned inside their car.

John pulled off the road as soon as we passed the wreck, hopped out, grabbed his legendary backpack, and head over to the steaming, twisted cars. The driver had no idea what was going, from his point of view - semi-crushed inside a steel cage, he was about to die. His wife had a few broken bones, and although also stuck in the car she was much better off. John began stabilizing the driver, and after a quick check told the driver that he belived he would live. A first police car pulled up, which followed a few minutes later by an ambulance, and then a steady stream of emergency vehicles arrived.

John stayed in the thick of things, even as the rest of the emergency people arrived. As well as keeping the injured driver calm, he even got a little time using the Jaws of Life as they cut the car open. They got every one in ambulances and we drove off.