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Heading Home

The cruse is over. We had been on the ship for about twenty-four days, and had begun feeling at home. The room attendants, waiters, cruise staff, security guards, librarians, musicians, and almost everyone I came in daily contanct with had become friends and not strangers. I could not walk down the halls without meeting passengers I knew. Hopefuly we will meet again on another cruise.

If I learned one thing from the cruise about cruising, it was this: “Make friends every chance you have.” I’ve gradualy gotten better at it. In Alaska on our first cruise I became accquineted with only two people. On the first two weeks in the mediterranean I meet about ten. At the end of our two week crossing I left with more than fifty. So many wonderful people on the ship, I wish I started making friends earlier.

The trans-Altlantic cruise appeals to hard core cruise people - I only meet one first-time-cruise person the entire trip. At beakfast this morning a couple at our table were on their ninety-fouth cruise.