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Discontented With Software

When I was young, everthing was beatiful with the programs I used. I took everything unquestioningly, and learned to conform to the software and hardware. If for some reason I could not do something, that was fine. If I had to take eight obscure steps to do something simple, it did not bother me. After all, was not it a priviledge to use a computer.

And then I grew up, and got a Mac. Now when software or hardware is missing a feature, or makes me go out of my way, it upsets me. And what makes it worse, I can’t fix it. Take PDA’s for example. Everyone on the market has big problems. I know what I want, but I can’t wave my hand and have it.

Now looking at myself, I’m obviously crazy for wanting everything my way. I guess it’s too much programing on my own sites that have worked me up to expecting to be able to make everything I “touch” just the way I want it.