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My Links Script

I built a php “bookmark / history” script this morning, for no good reason really.

I needed to reboot my computer to install the latest version of Mac OS X, and I realized the ten open Camino window’s tabs contained the accumulation of useful webpages from a week’s web browsing. If I just closed the windows, I’d loose all of them, some of those pages I found while working on getting the new server setup were really hard to find.

So the upshot was that I decided to throw together a quick bookmark script. I punch the [.] bookmark in my menubar and up pops a window allowing me to set the emotion the page gives me (Makes it easy to spot political news items from technical) . I hit save, and there we go.

If anyone wants the source for this kludge, send me an email.

So why did I not use just plain browser bookmarks? That’s the question I’m asking myself right now, actually. :)