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Gas Station Hawkers

On the way up through Charlotte, we stopped to put gas in the RV. No sooner had Dad gotten out of the RV then a stranger walked up and began trying to sell him a tool kit, a set of jumper cables, and a stuffed doll. Looking around the gas station we could see two more vendors.

When we were gawking around in Italy this sort of outdoor street vendor solicitation was not a surprise, but in Charlotte, North Carolina right off of I-85 it surprising. I’ve never seen in-your-face-at-the-gas-station-selling around here.

The RV has a big gas tank and we were at a very slow fuel pump, so we got to watch the men at work for a while. Not too long after we arrived, a SUV pulled up and the driver began a tirade on one of the vendors. His speach lasted for seemingly ten minutes, and then the unlucky young vendor vanished. We could not guess if he was the owener of the gas station, or the ringleader of the vendors, but new arrival’s emphatic hand guestures were a thing of awe to behold.

As we left, the other two continued pouncing on cars as the cars drove up.