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Those Extra Limbs

I’ve been doing some work over at JAARS, working from a computer that is not my own. I kept feeling cramped and unable to do “simple” things. I realized what it was. I was missing an extra limb or two that I’m used to - Ruby and Rexexps. Boba Fett without his jet pack. Indiana Jones without his whip. Me without Ruby and Rexexps. I use them so many times during a day that I never even think of them

Over at interconnected, matt talks about watching an excavator work. We had one in our backyard for day clearing out stumps. Honestly, we called off work, pulled out chairs, and watched it work. It was hard to believe that the thing was not alive.

Oh, and unless you happen to have a friendly construction worker that lets you drive one, you can have no idea how must skill it really takes to be smooth with big construction machinery.