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Hit and Run

I was just about to make a nice long post about Dan James’ post on stupid drivers. Well, tonight, we ran into one - or more truthfully, he ran into us. Riding home tonight with my brothers, we were stopped at a red light waiting for a chance to turn right onto the interstate entrance ramp. Suddenly BAAAM. We got slammed from the back by a red pickup truck. After the usual Dang-Did-we-really-just-get-hit thoughts, we put on the flashers, and John stepped out to talk to the guy. That is when he backed, up and floored it on past us. We were not able to see the license tag number. John gave chase to see if we could read the tags, but we lost him. ( He had a good head start, flipped his headlights lights off, was fond of driving through red lights and in the oncoming traffic lane.) I thought it was too risky try to catch up. So we lost him. We went back to the light and spent 25 minutes waiting for the policeman to show up. Then reports, etc.

So now it is 1:15am as I am writing this, and I have to be up at 5:45am.

And if anyone wants to go on a photo scavenger hunt in the south east charlotte area and surrounding towns and countryside for the pickup that hit us, here is a description.

  • Red
  • Meduim sized I think
  • Huge letters across the tailgate, “Chevrolet”
  • Driver a white, possibly heavyset, male.
  • Year model between 1988-1998
  • Will have sustained minor damage to the right front.

Ow, my neck hurts.

[ Update, looking on eBay, it kind alooked like this, except it was red, not maroon ( I think) ]