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Hit and Run II

Here is my “little” brother’s account of what happend while I was out of town, the next day after our little smash.

Time, 5PM, location, Chiropracters Waiting Room, reason, getting my back put back in the right places.

The guy next to me, was talking in his cellphone, I didn’t pay much attention, until I heard the words, hit and run. Well, he was desribing how a guy flew into the parking lot he was sitting in his car in, barely hit him, and took off. Well, the guy who just got hit, took off after him. I heard a nice description of a chase soundling like ours, 90MPH, crazy driver, etc…

He described how eventualy, the guy slowed his truck, and jumped out, and ran into the woods. He said he stayed with the still rolling truck, to stop it if it would hit a house, but it went off the road into the woods.

He then, told how name X(Can’t remember) sniffed the guy out, I am guessing it was police dog, or officer perhaps to.

Well, he said they found the guy, he described him as a….”Big White guy”….when he hung up his cellphone, we started a conversation, “Are you a policeman?”. He said yes, we told him of our hit and run last night said the driving styles seemed similar. He asked where it was, Told him the road, he said “Thats the road we caught the guy”. I described the truck, big red checy, well, the guy who hit the cop, was a big red chevy!

So, apperently, after losing us, this guy flew into a parking lot speeding, and hit a parked cop, and took off. He was drunk, etc. The guy had 14 charges written up on him for the incident.

So, we dertimed, that Mr. Smart driver who hit us, was the same Mr. Smart driver who hit him.

Small world, to sit in the same waiting room, with the cop who caught the guy who hit us, caught him for totaly different reasons.