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Nigerian Scams

I read a classic Nigerain scam email this morning while cleaning out my spam folder.

I am Mr. Vincent Kawa, a Credit Officer with Oceanic Bank of Nigeria. For the cause of this transaction, I am working in collaboration with Barrister, Ikimi Williams an attorney to a national of your country, Mr. Ailing Lazarus who was a ship Merchant and maintained a bogus account with my bank here. My cordial relationship with him afforded me to be the account supervisor…..

I found a treasure trove of good, hilarious, and occasionaly sad, email conversations with scammers. It definitly confirms the fact that the majority of criminals are stupid.

I am sorry that it has taken me so long to reply. Your original email was sent to my business account. I was on a moose hunting trip to central Iowa and of course there was no way for me check my email from that wilderness. I am pleased to say I bagged several of the viscous beasts with the loss of only two of my bearers (the moose hide quite effectively in the corn fields and pounce upon one with bared fangs). From reading your message I’m convinced this is a matter which requires confidentiality, credulousness, and much sneaking about. Therefore I am replying to you from a more private email account. I ask that all future communcations be sent to me here…. Continued Here.

And the scammer is falling for it. Too funny!

Another good scam counting site.