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The Hawash Charges Affidavit

I read through the 41 page affidavit with the charges listed against Hawash. Very interesting reading. Other people have probably covered the charges in more detail and I don’t know if he is guilty, or not guilty, so here is a typical Daniel post that avoids the main issues, and just points out little side details.

Wow some of those guys are amateurs!

[Slightly Paraphrased Version of a conversation] Terrorist: “I don’t wanna do a suicide attack. I want to see the people I kill. Oh and my computer locks up when it turns on.” Informer: “That’s bad” Terrorist: “What should I do?” Informer: “Let me take that computer, with all your data and emails still on it, and I’ll get you a new for $300” Terrorist: “$300! That’s a deal!”

Lets say you want to go to Afghanistan, and fight the US. Obviously you need to keep as undercover as possible. Do you: A: Continue with your daily routine to keep the neighbors unsuspicious. B: Grow a big beard, begin wearing arab clothing, stop talking to the neighbors, and invite lots of mid-eastern males over to your house.

Hawash apparently choose “B”.

Hawash is noted as traveling as part of the “third group”, however there is no mention of the other members of that group in the Affidavit. The other members of that group are probably really scared right now.

If Hawash is innocent, it’s will be interesting to see how he managed to follow the same itinerary as bunch of terrorists, even down to staying in the same hotels. But if he is guilty, he did a much better job of covering his tracks than the other guys did. Other than a receipt for a backpack and parka, putting the house in his wife’s name, and moving small amount of money to her account, none of the evidence against him has come from him. The other guys left their tracks everywhere.